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3 Easy Reusable Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers

With lockdown and a pandemic, it’s not everyday that we get to be out or involved in play groups these days.

I’ve created this post to share some really easy ways we can keep our toddler’s senses stimulated with some simple homemade DIY #SensoryBins ⁣⁣

1. Summer Sensory Bin

Diy beach sand sensory bin
This DIY Beach Sand only used two ingredients:⁣
🔸Cake Flour, and ⁣
🔸Baby Oil

[Reusable if stored in an airtight container]

Let your Creativity flow with a theme of your choice and items you have available (it’s amazing how soothing creating this sensory bin can be!) ⁣

With Cape Town’s Summer Days settling in, I went with a Beach Theme, and added textured shells for extra tactile input. ⁣

This #SensoryBox was made to serve two Purposes:

🐠 A Calming Tool through tactile input and having Sensory Needs being met… ⁣

🐠 Language development tool – explore and expand vocabulary around all things beach, summer, related colours of the sand and ocean, verbs around what we do at the beach, shapes we can spot, smell of the sea, sounds of the crashing waves, etc⁣

Other awesome benefits:⁣
🔸Improved Concentration⁣
🔸Sparks imaginative Play⁣ (may need prompts and modeling to initiate)
🔸Fine Motor Skills⁣
🔸Science and Math Fundamentals through measuring, filling, throwing out, Pouring the sand and Problem Solving.⁣

Diy beach sand sensory bin


2. Colour Rice Scooping

Sensory rice

This was an Easy DIY #ValentinesDay Craft we tried out but you can choose any holiday theme for this.

All we used was cheap rice and food colouring as well as Cardboard pieces stuck down with a glue gun.

The cardboard shaped holders can be used during scooping and pouring activities with any dry ingredients.

How to get the most out of this activity:
⋒Bring in a basic concept – I chose heart shapes & big/small concept, but you can literally use any shapes, numbers, or even patterns
⋒ Practice Colour sorting (or go ahead and mix them all together, like M!)
⋒ Build on Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
⋒ Placement of the holders can help with #midlinecrossing but most of all have fun, because this one can go on for quite a while! 😁

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Sensory rice



3. PopCorn Letter Find

Pop corn sensory box

All you’ll need is some pop corn, a box and letters (i used 3D scrabble letters)

We’ve been using this sensory box for over a year now and although it has lost a few kernels along the way, it’s been an absolute favourite!

You can place letters of your Little one’s name or simple ABCs, shapes or any them you decide to go with. It’s such a great challenge for them to find the items and is an amazing concentration booster as they become intrigued with running the kernels through their fingers.

Other awesome benefits:

  • Visual discrimination and figure ground
  • Hand-eye Coordination
  • Fine motor muscle
  • A calming tool

I hope you enjoy trying these super easy sensory box ideas 🙂

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  • Michelle Phillips

    Hey! Tasha, these are great! I’ll definitely be doing some(or all) of these, with our kids/my daycare kids here in Canada. Love how clear and visually appealing you page is and all the photos! Blessings and hello from us! Michelle (Josh’s wife and Josh by default through me! Maybe one day we’ll meet in person too! Josh has told me about you all!

    • ot2mama

      Oh my gosh – somehow I am only just seeing this now! So absolutely awesome hearing from you! and thank you so much for the kindest words! I hope you guys have all the fun trying these and I do hope we get to meet someday – would be so amazing! Sending lots of love and greetings from us to You & Josh and your beautiful fam! Hope you are all doing well! X

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