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6 Hidden Benefits of PlayDough

It’s the perfect weather for some indoor playdough fun. 🌥️ This is definitely one of M’s daily faves! Aside from your regular fine motor benefits – there are ways playdough works on the most fundamental components of development in amazing and simple ways we do not always see at the forefront.

1. Bilateral Coordination 
Playdough allows the use of both sides of the body when given the opportunity. This is a pre-requisite for practically all daily living tasks (writing, buttoning, dressing, eating, etc)
2. Hand Dexterity 
I’ve seen M’s Hand strength improve so amazingly with his playdough set. It’s a great way to build tiny muscle strength in the hands which is key for use of tools like scissors or pencils.
3. Brain development 
Playdough naturally feeds into building connections in the brain that develop problem solving, memory and evene empathy.

4. Imaginative Play

As an open ended toy tool, there are plenty of opportunities to add other elements to the playdough itself or simply watch your little one’s imagination in action as they put together their own creations. This usually requires a bit of prompting by asking them what they’re making, what does it look like. etc. Imaginative Play in itself is such an amazing way for learning skills pertaining to everyday life scenarios and builds lasting skills that can be used throughout the lifespan.


5. Body Awareness

Playdough feeds into proprioceptive input (a sense of position of our bodies and its movement in time and space). This creates a sense of awareness of their bodies as they squeeze, press, roll, etc.


6. Language Development

With parents using various language prompts. little ones can explore their existing vocabulary and add some new words too. Some ideas for prompts include:

  • Reinforcing verbs (squeeze, pull, cut, roll, squash, twist, etc)
  • Focus on building from single words to phrases and basic sentences


Which of these benefits would you like more deets on?

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