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Balanced Breakfast Combo

Today I am sharing our quick and easy breakfast-time combo that little M has been loving!

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For this combo, the ingredients used:



  1. Rinse, cut up and cook 1 Apple in some water. I kept it unpeeled as apple peels carry an amazing amount of vitamins A and C, which are great for eye health and building immunity.

Easy Breakfast Idea


2. Add a sprinkle of some Organic Cinnamon and Ground ginger to the apple for amazing flavour.

Ginger is also a great immune booster and has been shown to improve brain function.


3. Once the apple is cooked and is soft, remove the apple , keeping the water (which is now rich with vitamins, minerals and flavour).

breakfast ideas


4. Add your oats to this same water and let it cook through until ready. (oats is basically your one stop whole grain nutritious food source. It has amazing nutritious benefits, from being high in fiber, zinc, iron and magnesium to being an amazing filler – keeping our little ones going for longer)breakfast ideas



6. Mash the cooked apple (I removed the peel at this stage for M, however this is optional) and add in with the oats.

Mix it through, let it cool and serve…

breakfast ideas

breakfast ideas

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breakfast ideas

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