Easy Banana Oat Cookies

    Anyone else’s little one not budging for the same foods? We have definitely been needing some variety as my little M has become a lot more of a fussy eater. Including more Variety has been one of the helpful picky eating solutions and a key part of our meal times. Variety is not only about changing the food, but also changing the shape or appearance of it, which is why I love this recipe! It includes all M’s basic staples, in a yummy & nutritious snack form. I’m all about keeping any meal time recipe simple and basically flop proof (for my own sake!), while still making sure they’re packed…

  • https://ot2mama.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Labels-for-everyday-use-Printable.pdf

    Everyday Use Labels – Printable

    Hey guys, so as voted for on my Instagram stories, here is the FREE Everyday use Labels Printable I’ve created and have been implementing with my little M too. I will be adding to this blog-post over time – so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to receive notification on more FREE Printables! 🙂 Disclaimer: The Printable provided is for personal use only and should not be used commercially.   Implementation: Print and laminate labels and attach to respective items. If you do not have laminating sheets, use clear buff tape or sellotape as an alternative, which should help to increase life-span of the labels. You can choose to…

  • 8 Everyday Ways To Encourage Speech & Language in Toddlers (1-4 Years)

    Little M just turned 15 months earlier this week and it’s been amazing and so much fun watching him start to express himself a little more through a recognisable vocab. I decided to share my few favourite everyday things that you could do with your little one to encourage development of speech and language. It is simply an opportunity for bonding, and best of all no real prep required. They can be done in your everyday routine, but most importantly, a time to have fun with your little one!   When does Speech & Language develop? Language is such an important part of development – It can cause so many…

  • How to manage toddler tantrums

    Managing Toddler Tantrums

    After working with many parents and their amazing children with specific special needs and even those without, I have found one common denominator – Behaviour challenges that are always hard to deal with! I thought I’d create this post and share some of the tips learnt over the years, influenced by behaviour experts’ theories combined with positive parenting techniques.