Christmas Sensory Advent Calendar

It has been a rough start to December but the excitement for all the special festivities has not died. This year will be a little extra special as my little boy and I celebrate our first official Christmas together! Through all the crazy overwhelm, I've managed to design this little DIY sensory advent calendar for my almost 11 month old and he literally LOVES it! So, you can imagine the happy dance my heart keeps doing!

Check out some of the developmental benefits we'll be stimulating while having loads of fun together:
  • Of course there'll be lots of sensory processing skills at work. Nerve connections in the brain are being built as he problem solves through the different sensory input.
  • Tactile and fine motor skills development are encouraged as he tries to feel and grab at the different tiny textures.
  • Creativity and concentration are boosted as well and it encourages motor skill development too.
As requested, I will continuously be updating this post with some of the activities I have included in our advent calendar. My little one is of course so young, but the thing I really love is that with every age and stage of our kids' development, they reach unique levels of participation that they're just waiting to tap into.I would love to hear your thoughts below 👇🏽 Sensory advent calendar
Christmas Sensory Advent Calendar
[caption id="attachment_1331" width="407" align="aligncenter"]Christmas Sensory Advent Calendar is it a snowman, is it Santa...who knows...[/caption] Christmas Sensory Advent Calendar This activity kept him busy a full 45 minutes with lots of problem solving happening. This activity also encourages hand-eye coordination, sensory processing and motor planning skills. Christmas Advent Calendar In the mean time I could enjoy a cup of cheer and yummy goodness! For this next activity, I whipped up some festive food faces for M - it's always a win to add some variety and fun to meal times!

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