Diaries of a New Mom – What’s in my Hospital Bag?

Diaries of a New Mom – What’s in my Hospital Bag?

Initially, I thought to myself that this process of the birth journey would probably be the simplest….and not quite one of my biggest missions in my third trimester!

The Preparation Phase (Yes, this actually exists)

I’ve been collecting items for my hospital bag since I found out I’m pregnant. It’s been a long 8 months of searching out some affordable items and not wasting time and money on the ‘unnecessary’ that could fill our bags.

I wanted to be sure of what I was going to pack so I watched videos upon videos and collected checklists upon checklists to compile my very own list – relevant to my unique birthing situation. Things kinda did not work out according to my ideal birth plan – but that’s okay, you learn to adjust, which is exactly what motherhood will be all about!

Finally, the day arrived when I could muster up all the energy I had left to start packing our bags. Little did I know, the PROCESS that was about to begin.

I started to unpack all baby boy’s drawers and realized I had to get everything washed and dried and ironed before I could even begin to pack – this may seem obvious, but preggy mama brain kinda makes the obvious less obvious! Not to mention you’ll be waddling your way through this process with a belly as big as a mountain top!

So, this is what I ended up doing for the next 3 days. Yeah, it took me that long with all the extra weight, and also considering the fact that I had been put on bed rest. This all too exciting, yet exhausting process also took the life out of my back (I still haven’t managed to iron everything – but at least it’s all washed and my first 3 months of baby items are all ironed! – Yay! MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT HERE!)

PS. Seeing all those cute and tiny baby growers on the washing line just made my heart melt!

Once I manged to complete this, I was finally ready to pack!

Baby Boy’s Hospital Bag:

I have prepped for a 3 day stay (just in case!)


  • 5 baby GROWERS – the ones that are easy to button/zip down and put on (as a new mom, who has just given birth, I probably don’t want to be struggling with complicated baby clothing items at this stage!)
  • 26 newborn nappies (8 for the first 2 days and 4 for the rest – also keeping some extras for just in case – I’ll  be using this phrase a lot – because really, you just never know!)
  • 2 Receiving blankets and 1 Thick blanket
  • Baby hats and socks
  • Pacifier – just in case – Not planning on introducing this though just yet though – Breast is Best!
  • Pure Beginnings baby body wash and his little panda facecloth
  • Cotton balls and cotton buds as well as surgical spirits
  • Small baby Towel and 2 burp towels
  • Vaseline and Aqueous cream
  • Pure Beginnings Baby Wipes (the smell is so gorgeous!)
  • A few baby bibs
  • A going home outfit for my little guy
  • The bag I managed to get is so handy! It has all these compartments that makes it perfect to fit ALL your essentials in. After birth, it will also become our nifty everyday baby bag! It even has insulated pockets for bottle storage – so super useful! The one I bought was from Babies R us, you can also click here for great deals on the same bag!

Things I should probably still buy (When I actually get out to doing it):

  • My Tommee Tippee Breast pump and bottle set for just in case.
  • Baby mittens
  • Nursing Pillow

My New Mom Birth Bag

  • Of course my important documentation (ID, Hospital documents, birth plan, medical documents)
  • Toiletries (which also includes some lip balm)
  • Gown and Nightie
  • Button down PJ’s (For nursing)
  • 3 Nursing bra’s
  • Socks and Slippers
  • Flip Flops
  • Maternity pads
  • Breast pads
  • Nipple cream
  • Light weight Towel
  • Outfit for home
  • Disposable Panties
  • Phone and charger
  • Birth Affirmations
  • Belly band and Pregnancy Belt
  • And of course the Hospital Bag itself – Find out here how to get your hands on one of these, for FREE!

I will probably come back to this post and review everything I should’ve packed and what really was a waste of space! But for now, I’ll go with this.

Any thoughts or suggestions?



After giving birth, I can finally understand why many mothers kept on saying they did not use everything they packed! Every birth experience is so unique and truth is, there is no way to be fully prepared…so, in hindsight, these are the things I would say were actually important to have and definitely ended up using for a 3 day stay in hospital. (To watch my Birth Vlog Story, click here)

My hospital Bag in Review:

  • Okay so I literally lived in my Nightie and Gown, which I picked off Cotton On (online, of course). The Nightie has spaghetti straps and is quite stretchy, making it light and easy over the C-Section scar and easy to slip off the shoulder for breastfeeding. To be honest, button down’s just took too long for me to undo each time.
  • Definitely maternity pads!
  • Toiletries, hand towel, socks and slippers
  • NB documentation
  • Nursing bra’s & Nipple cream
  • Disposable Panties
  • Phone and charger
  • Outfit for going home

Things I ended up NOT using for hospital stay:

  • Button down PJ’s (For nursing)
  • Flip Flops – slippers were just comfier.
  • Breast pads – not until another 4 days passed for my milk to actually come in – then it was milk everywhere, haha!
  • Birth Affirmations – better to have these in your head/with your birth partner
  • Belly band and Pregnancy Belt – everything was just too sensitive to be using these immediately!


Baby M’s Hospital bag in review:

  • I ended up using about 3 baby growers instead of 5. The ones that are easy to button/zip down and put on.


  • 26 newborn nappies. Haha, always fun to look back on what i wrote when pregnant! In the end, the hospital provided a few nappies. I probably used about 4 per day – always handy to have extra though!


  • 2 Receiving blankets and 1 Thick blanket. I also bought 2 Muslin Blankies – which was so helpful! I used these most of the time with a thicker breathable blanky. 


  • Baby hats and socks – Yes, used these!


  • Pacifier – for just in case – I carefully tried introducing this at 4 weeks old, when I became a human pacifier for baby, which just became a bit much. He doesn’t really take to this just yet.


  • Pure Beginnings baby body wash and his little panda facecloth – I only used this when we got home, although there was a high possibility of using this on the last day at hospital. We however chose to bath baby for the first time at home. Also a quick review, my baby and I had terrible reactions to most of the natural/organic products we so diligently searched out. I have now resorted to using Bennetts for babies, and works like a charm! So happy! 🙂 


  • Cotton balls and cotton buds as well as surgical spirits – The hospital provided these and we used this for cleaning umbilical cord.



  • A going home outfit –which was really just wrapping him in blankies so he doesn’t catch the cold wind.


Things I ended up NOT using for hospital stay:

  • Small baby Towel and 2 burp towels, baby bibs -spit ups, drooling etc don’t really happen this early
  • Vaseline and Aqueous cream – not necessary!

I seriously still cannot believe I am on the other side of this amazing journey. So grateful for motherhood, even with all it’s adjustments! Find out more about my journey as a brand new mom – HERE

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