Everyday Use Labels – Printable

Hey guys, so as voted for on my Instagram stories, here is the FREE Everyday use Labels Printable I’ve created and have been implementing with my little M too.

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Disclaimer: The Printable provided is for personal use only and should not be used commercially.



  • Print and laminate labels and attach to respective items.
  • If you do not have laminating sheets, use clear buff tape or sellotape as an alternative, which should help to increase life-span of the labels.
  • You can choose to put these labels up together with your child to start familiarizing them.
  • Turn cleaning time into an opportunity for your child to learn sorting, matching and organisational skills as well as speech and language development.


A few other benefits of using labels around the house:

  • Helps to associate words with meaning.
  • Teaches responsibility to care for items and learn its place.
  • Helps to organise your child’s world, which assists them to anticipate order and process of their everyday life, and ultimately contributes to learning self-regulation skills and organisational strategies.
  • Creates an opportunity for independence as they learn placement of items and how each label fits into their routine.
  • Provides a chance for the child to become more of an active participant in their daily routine.

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