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Favourite Toddler Must – Haves

Graduating to Toddler Mom Life can be like some kind of roller-coaster ride we wish we had the decrypted manual to – but as the saying goes, “life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother”…..(who’s probably winging her own mommying, eye-liner and basically life!…hahha)

Sure, we cannot plan for our toddler’s every move – but, perhaps we can be a little more prepared for some of their needs and tendencies.

For this post, I’ve partnered with fellow boy Mom @ammarah_issufo – to bring you guys some favourite toddler essential must-haves, with its benefits, that could make our lives and our little toddlers lives a little bit easier.

So whether you’re a toddler mom, soon-to-be #todmom (or dad) or simply looking for possible gift ideas -this read’s for you!

For Feeding

Long Sleeved Apron/Bibs

Let’s be honest, as much as we want our toddlers to explore and learn through messy play and mealtimes, we really need all the #momhacks to make clean up as simple as possible! Our favourite less mess mealtime item is from @hipporoo – these 2 – in – 1 apron bibs are made from a lightweight PUL materiel and actually grow with your little one from 4 – 36 months. It  has definitely saved so many outfits and is waterproof, easy to wipe off or machine wash.

You can also find another amazing fuss-free bib option from @nurtureonesting. Overall these bibs are great for encouraging food exploration and allow our toddlers to practice all the self-feeding. Yay!

long-sleeved bibs

Splash Toddler cup

Aside from having a removable press fit lid to avoid spills when drinking, it’s great for helping our toddlers naturally learn to drink from an open cup independently. M loves his big boy cup and this durable toddler-proof option is available from @Munchkinza. 

Splash Cup Toddler Must Haves

Suction Plates/Bowls

Our toddlers are on the verge of learning to eat by themselves – which means they have to learn to master some bilateral integration (using both sides of the body) –  having a good suction plate, not only aids with this, but also makes it less likely for food to be flying all over the show. Again we’ve loved our versatile @Hipporoo Grippo Plate, which suctions to almost any surface. This has definitely been one of our fav items since the very beginning of our solids journey.

grippo suction plate

Lots of Snacks

Let’s face it, toddlers are little snackers, which means we gotta be prepared with a good snack stash 🙂 (for those teething days too!) We’ve found Happy Family Organics and Kiddylicious to be great, healthy options and can also come in handy for those picky eating episodes or even any busy mom day. 

Another ready to eat snack option we love is Gullon Biscuits – they’re high in fibre with no added sugar and yummy too!  I mean what’s toddler life without snacks, right??

 Lastly if you’re looking for nutrient packed food pouches – Organix has some amazing wholesome snack options with a no-baddies promise. This has also been the only food pouches I’ve seen with the least amount of  natural sugar content. 

toddler must haves

For Teething

Along with Toddlerhood comes those seasonal visits from the unwanted evil twin of the Tooth Fairy – the Teething Fairy! Textured Teethers are a must-have for these teething sagas.

For Pain relief, Prodol or Calpol has been recommended – although Panado syrup seems to do the trick for us right now.

Another awesome way to relief those painful gums is to fill a food feeder with some plain yoghurt and freshly cut fruit pieces – place in the freezer and you have yourself a tasty teether!

- toddler must haves
toddler must haves

For Cleaning

Nappy Bin

This item right here!! Honestly, the nappy journey can last quite a while and this item is something I wish I had invested in since birth – now that M is potty training, I still find myself wishing I had bought one for that quick and convenient disposal, before busy M decides to run off again. A definite must -have, from the start! TommeTippee has an amazing nappy bin that wraps each individual nappy with an anti-bacterial film and seals in that odour.

Changing mat

While on the topic, let’s be frank, those poop nappies can be so heeeeectic….but changing a busy toddler’s poop nappy – that’s some next level Olympic Sport! We never really know what to prepare for until we actually open up that nappy. Changing mats are just crucial to avoid coming back to see those unexpected smudge surprises on the whole (and don’t forget to have tons of wipes around ALWAYS!)

For Dressing

Walking Shoes

Aside from needing tons of easy outfits – a good pair of walking shoes is a must-have for our little humans who are on the verge of learning to walk independently.  To assist them in learning this new skill at their own pace – walking shoes with a great ankle support and non-slip grip is essential for building confidence as they learn to balance and navigate their first steps. I’ve been through my fair share of shoes and can honestly say my absolute favourite brand for first walking shoes is Footsies and Tootsies – the quality and durability is amazing! These really gave M all the confidence to find his feet ( see what i just did there?) 🙂

toddler walking shoes

For Playtime

This part is probably my favourite – I mean our kids’ favourite too – and the best part is that they learn SO much when they’re just doing what they love – to PLAY! To enhance M’s play experiences, I find investing in toys that can provide endless opportunities for learning is important. Here are two types of toys that’s essential for toddler life:

Open-ended Toys

These are basically toys that do not only have one sole purpose, but can be used in a variety of different ways.  They’re great for boosting creativity and encouraging problem solving, self-expression and learning to self-regulate – which are all important skills needed to navigate childhood and adolescence too. A few examples of this include:

  • Recycled Boxes 
  • Sensory Bin Activities
  • Playdough 
  • Animal Figurines
  • Blocks 
  • Peg People
  • Rainbow Stackers 
  • Balance Board
toddler must haves

Push or Pull Toys

These are great for helping our toddlers strengthen the core muscles, improve balance and coordination as they learn to walk independently. M still loves his push walker, which also has a shape sorter in the front.  I always love a good multipurpose toy that grows with M without losing much of its novelty.

For General Use and Safety

Step Stool

Have you noticed how much toddlers seem to love their bouts of independence? – I mean, M has so many moments where he’s just not so keen on having me hold his hand and prefers doing certain things by himself – like brushing his teeth – he loves doing this all by himself  – and absolutely hates when I have to brush the teeth he doesn’t get to. Haha so, I find a step stool is great for these ‘independent’ moments in which they’d need to reach the sink, wash their hands or perhaps climb onto bed with minimal assistance. An alternative to this is a learning tower – which also encourages lots of active participation and a greater level of independence in daily functional activities including cooking and baking.

step stool and learning tower
Learning Tower available from @Squishycheeksandsmooches and Step Stool available from @Takealot

First Aid Kit

With independence comes lots of trial and error – keeping a first aid kit on hand can save us in those unexpected accidents. At the moment, I’ve put together a small kit for us, consisting of a few plasters, bandage, aloe gel, mini tweezers, syringe, alcohol swabs, etc.

An amazing full first aid kit package is available from Dr Carmen (@oneaidsa)

first aid kit

For BathTime

Bath Toy Scoop

This item just makes the aftermath of bath time that much easier – M gets super excited for every bath time and loves a bunch of toys accompanying him to the bath too – with this convenient item, you can literally just scoop everything up in one go and let them drip dry!

And what’s bath time without some bubbles for some sensory fun! We absolutely love the Childsfarm Range, which smells amaaazing and is filled with naturally derived ingredients + essential oils. If you’re not set on a product range yet, this is the perfect option to have from birth. 


Do you agree with our picks?

We’re giving away an amazing toddler must-haves prize worth over R2700!!

Toddler Must Haves Giveaway

how to enter:

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Good Luck !


  • Shanawaaz L Essa

    A toddler MUST-HAVE for me personally would be the toddler cup by munchkin! Besides being the perfect cup to learn to sip & grip on, its SPILL PROOF! Being a mom of 3, there’s already so much cleaning to do. This makes a heck of a difference, honestly. To the point where my 7 year old has a spill proof cup too. As boys will be boys… But definitely a MUST-HAVE & such an amazing, affordable & useful gift!

    • Genevieve

      Hello, these tips are amazing! I’d definitely say the toddler splash cup and the walking shoes my little one is always wanting some water while on the go either jumping or running.

    • CaitlinDarlings

      my toddler must have product is definitely the bib or the hipparoo plate because Reid absolutely loves making a mess while eating as he explores all the new and different textures that food offer

  • Jonelle

    Wow. Thank you for this! Im a soon – to – be toddler mama. And this is so helpful.
    A must have will be the toddler splash cup & the long sleeve bib😊

  • Rene Henrico

    I am really greatful for our Munchkin miracle 360° cup! Think its def a todmom lifesaver!! Ps: that bath scoop looks like something I NEED! hahaha

  • Jodi Bridgens

    I’d definitely love a good long sleeve bib and placemat plate for jonah! 🙂 The perfect additions to a toddler’s must haves list! 🤩

    • Meera

      This post is definitely something I can relate to and so helpful for any new mommies. My little one just took her first steps, so for me right now, quality walking shoes that are comfortable and supportive are a must-have. Thanks again for the informative post.

  • Kerishnie

    That snacks and munchkins products are an ALL time fav at home! Amirah will enjoy this because it has all our “go-to” products. Holding thumbs for this!!

  • Carlin Louis

    The splash toddler cup makes transitioning from a bottle to cup so easy and allows for confident sipping off a ‘big boy’ cup!

  • Gail

    Such a relatable post. Being a toddler mom is both rewarding and challenging. All in all it’s so worth it! The products that you’ve mentioned are all so useful!

  • Rowann

    Thank you for these amazing tips.. especially since working from home can be a huge challenge at times..these must have will help tremendously and make like a whole lot easier..

  • Lauren

    So difficult to choose as all of these are definite must haves. Good shoes and the plate are probably on the top of my list! Love them all!

    • Robin-lee

      I think the tommee tippee twist and click starter pack would be an awesome prize to win with the little one on the way❤️
      I’d basically be saving on bags, but I’m more excited to not be smelling any dirty diapers especially if there’s visitors around.

  • Tara Franken

    Been using Tommee Tippie for years now, their product is amazing and the munchkin range, perfect for the kids. Cannot wait to get my hands on some Footsie Tootsie sneakers

    • Kaye-Lynne

      My favorite toddler must have is definitely the tommee tippee nappy bin, Its been an essential I’ve always wanted but could never purchase. This would be a great win so that it could be potentially passed down to baby num 2 when Kenzo outgrows it.

  • Leticia

    The fuss free long sleeve bib. My boy just started eating solids and when he is done eating it looks like I fed food to his body and not his mouth, because everything is always full of food.
    This would really be super helpful, especially on days when he is dressed really handsome or on days when he visits his grandparents. I have to put in extra outfits all the time because I know once little Zion ia done eating he is covered in solids. And as cute as he looks being all messy I really dont rnjoy changijg him into a normal crawler when he is dressed really handome. Lol.

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