FREE Magentic Tiles Printable Workbook

If you’ve been following us on the gram for a little while, you’ll know how much we love these magnetic tiles! 😍

Most mornings after breakfast, M dives straight into his construction play and can build for a while!


Why we love this set:

  • The quality is amazing and there are just so many ways to play with these open ended pieces – from learning activities to sensory play, building creative structures, pretend play ⎯  the list is practically endless!
  • With this, comes a ton of developmental benefits naturally being supported through play with these open-ended tiles, including creative thinking, executive functioning (such as cognitive planning, problem solving and frustration tolerance) as well as fine motor skills development.
  • I’ve also loved seeing my little M expand his independent play time. These tiles have really helped to improve his attention and concentration span.
  • Often times, after a busy day, he’ll just unwind with his Magentic Tiles as a way to regulate the busyness through his playtime. It’s amazing to witness 🙂

I’ve compiled a little learning & play workbook for some ideas on pre-writing shapes to make with your own Magentic Tiles set, that can keep your 3+ year old busy for a while.


Give me a tag (@tashaleigh_cpt) if you make use of this Workbook.

You can also use our discount code: ‘IMAGIMAGSTASHA1’ to save when you purchase your @imagimags set (Linked Here)


⎯ ♡ ♡ ♡


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