FREE PRINTABLE: Valentine’s Day Playdough Mats

I’ve created a little FREEBIE Printable for you to use with your kids during playdough activities this Valentines Day!

Playdough is a much loved activity in our home (for both of us) and with its endless benefits – this makes the perfect go-to activity – any day!

These mats are reusable and need to be laminated. If you do not have a laminator – simply use clear buff tape on both sides of the paper to create a sturdier mat.

I’ve created these playdough mats with the following developmental benefits in mind:

– The colours, placement and patterns help to build on your child’s visual perceptual skills (figure ground and visual discrimination).

– It provides an opportunity to practice basic concepts (shapes, size, colour, counting, etc)

– Aside from building fine motor skills with playdough – it also builds on bilateral integration and mid-line crossing, which are both crucial components needed for writing.

We hope you have fun with these!



Playdough mats

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