Happy New Year: 2021

Happy 2021!


The past 2 weeks have been a much needed break from the socials, for simple home-bound festive family time, some hard reflections into the new year and working through some of the fog of 2020. Even though the illusion of time was felt, 2021 has already been more of an opportunity to take on the new year with some honest mental shifts.

Growth does not come easily, it requires continuous reform, restructuring, pulling, stretching, painfully dying to parts of self, but ultimately blooming into the version of ourselves we were truly designed to be.

I am grateful that Fresh Beginnings can happen when we choose it and when it’s needed too, for His Mercies are new every Morning.
(Lamentations 3:22-23)

Join me as I take on this month looking out for January’s simple Joys. Feel free to download the FREE printable below and track your #JanuaryJoys [Don’t forget to tag me and leave a comment if you enjoy my printable designs (@tashaleigh_cpt)]

May your 2021 be filled with deep rooted joy, peace and growth!

♥ Tash
2021 printable 2021 Printable

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