Motherhood, the strangest hood

Motherhood – The Strangest hood

I never thought this moment would present itself and I’d be able to update my blog in one go! Well, we have my parents to thank for this post. They’re currently burping my newest and most beautiful member of our family, which means I have a quick moment to share a few little things I’ve been learning on this incredible journey of motherhood. #newmom #sharingiscaring

First thing I try being mindful of is that everything is all just a PHASE and I’m just here trying to embrace every moment, because I know it is all fleeting and will soon be a memory. My little M is already 6 weeks as we speak! Like whaaaaaaaat?? Can we take a moment!

Next. Nothing will go as planned. And that’s okay…if you’re anything like me, you love planning and being prepared for most things in life. I, in my planner addiction state, tried to set out a schedule beforehand for my baby M – as recommended by the book (LOL). I swear I have not even seen the words a wrote on that page! Each day so far has been so incredibly different. Sometimes I think it’s time for my little M to have a nap and he’d decide, well no actually, it’s time to play…and so, rather than anticipating him falling asleep (cause really, I’m the one who needs the sleep), I’d literally have to choose to just embrace the moment, throw out MY plans and do what’s best for him…and in doing so, I’d benefit from the endorphins too!

Ultimately, no one could have prepared me for motherhood. It’s literally something that is so unique with every experience, every mother and every baby. So, the best thing I can do for us for now is to take things one step at a time…one day at a time, at our pace and do the best we can for us.

Actually this is all I have time for….little chunks of posts, because this is life as we know it for now… 🙂

Last Thought: Change is inevitable, it is constant and a part of our lives whether we like it or not, but growth, now that’s the choice WE make.

Happy growing my lovelies.


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  • Caitlin

    Love this!! It’s so true…motherhood opens your eyes in so many ways! It’s so refreshing to sit back and realise that our babies actually know exactly what they need…they teach us to trust ourselves, our instincts and they force us to be more present… It’s just beautiful!! ❤️

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