Official Birth Vlog – Up on the Channel 

When a baby is born, so a Mother is born too…

A little more on the B I R T H S T O R Y || After 2 and half weeks of a whole new crazy- beautiful world, I haven’t really found any method to the madness, but have mastered typing and editing with one hand, hence this post can finally be released.

It’s still so crazy to think my little baby boy would have been due this weekend! We only managed to reach our 37 week bump milestone before we had to be off to hospital. .

At 32 weeks, I was officially diagnosed with PLACENTA PREVIA – grade 4 (the highest grade). This was completely unforeseen and threw out my entire ‘ideal birth plan’. Placenta previa meant that my placenta was positioned low in the uterus and in my case, it completely covered the entire cervix. 

I was put on strict bed rest and had to avoid any bleeding and or going into early labour. It was a trying time for myself and my family and so many worries and warnings for the birth itself, but I am so thankful for all our prayer partners and those who supported us through this time. Above all, I am grateful for God’s amazing Grace and Favour that has completely covered my little man and I.💙

With that said, I have uploaded our little birth video on the Tube and I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude to have had all these incredible moments of my birth journey captured. A special thank you to my amazing family for being with me on the biggest day of my entire life. 

C L I C K    B E L O W

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