My Fitness Journey with @bodygoals

About 6 weeks ago, I started my journey with @bodygoalsza and set some weight goals for myself, but more importantly set out a goal to develop a healthier lifestyle for myself that I could stick to.

Diets have never worked for me!! So, creating a lifestyle I could maintain was something important to me in starting up. I also just wanted to feel healthier – I explain why in this post.

A few Simple Lifestyle changes I made:
1. No sugar in my coffee and no added sugar to anything I’d eat. It took a while to get used to it, but I can definitely taste more of the coffee lol

2. I tried my very best to steer away from the heavy sugar foods and opt for some sugar free foods instead. Anyone who knows me knows this is one of the hardest things for me to do. I am a complete sweet tooth!

But one thing I did not want to do was actually deprive myself completely – I used the 80/20 rule, which worked for me most of the time – although some days it was more 70/30. Point is consistency.

3. Juices and fizzy drinks are usually not part of my lifestyle – so keeping that out is always a good idea.

4. My coffee intake is max 2-3 cups a day and not 5. ☕

5. Eating slightly smaller portions of food, and trying to stick to one meal serving, which I didn’t always have the discipline to do, so I’d intentionally dish more salad in my plate, which helped curb a second helping. (yeah I’m a total foodie)

6. Choosing small achievable realistic goals was way better than one large overwhelming goal.

My weight loss:
Starting  point weight: 68.7kg. I then lost 4.2 kg in 4 weeks, which left me at 64.5kg. I spent two weeks very ill with a bug my son and I picked up and chose rest and recovery for my body. I picked up some weight again in this time, but lost it in a week after recovery, my final weight right now is down to 65.4kg. My goal is to reach and maintain 58 – 60kgs. So my journey doesn’t end here, nor when I reach my goal. It’s all about a lifestyle that I’ve created that works for me and makes me feel healthy.

What I love about the program:
🌼The workouts are achievable and the meal plans attainable.
🌼It can all be done in the comfort of your home which I loved, and you can make do with any equipment you have.
🌼Your journey, your pace, you can lebwl up with an extra set or tone it down depending on what works for you.

🌼It didn’t take long before seeing physical results.

3 unexpected benefits of prioritizing my fitness:

🌼My 3 year old joined in 90% of the time and occasionally reminded me “mommy’s gonna exercise now..” lol he made some of the exercise sets way more challenging, which only strengthened me at the end of the session.
I love that he can witness me prioritising my health as a parent and me taking care of myself too. We model the lives we want our kids to tap into, ultimately.

🌼 I surprisingly felt slumpier than usual for the first 3 weeks of exercising – but working past that helped me develop a kind of mental muscle to show up for myself. The reward: feeling fresh, healthy, more energy and another step closer to my goal.

🌼Creativity boost – with my mind feeling fresh and kind of aired, I felt more motivated to take on and complete small creative projects I’ve beeeeen putting off.


Our days are usually a series of small victories and if there’s anything I can leave you with today, it’s the importance of Bravery over perfection.

What would your 5 seconds of courage look like FOR YOU today?

Ps. This post is in partnership with the Body Goals. You can get 20% off your Fitness package and meal plan, right now with my code: ‘Tasha7’

Until our next update, Tash xx

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