pregnancy survival kit

My Pregnancy Survival Kit

Honestly, if it weren’t for these few items, a day in the life of being a pregnant woman would be so much harder! Which is your favorite?

1. My Pregnancy Pillow

20181013_111327[1]This was such a lifesaver for all the backache I had!  I cannot do without it. It also helped to improve my sleeping patterns, although I do still experience so much interrupted sleep (Oh how dreamy I was thinking this only happens when baby comes!).


2. Multivitamin & Omega-3 Supplements – For everyday use

I was quite strict with myself on taking the pregnancy multivitamin everyday around the same time, especially since I only found out about my pregnancy quite late.

In addition, I’ve also been on my Omega-3 supplements from GNLD. Really great products!

survival kit


3.Palmer’s Tummy Butter and Oil – For twice a day use

Palmer's pregnancy range

I’ve probably gone through the entire Palmer’s pregnancy range, but I find the Skin Therapy Oil works the best for me! 🙂


4. A Good, Comfy, Supportive Bra – For all the “my boobs feel like lead” days (which is like everyday during pregnancy!)


I grew out of my bra size within a few weeks of finding out about my tiny human. Thankfully, I had a nursing bra somewhere in my bra stash (weird enough! No, I didn’t plan it haha).


I think these are the real MUST HAVES and can be used during every stage of pregnancy, so definitely worth investing in…


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