pregnancy freebies

Pregnancy FREEBIES

Here are a few FREEBIES I discovered during my pregnancy journey…because who doesn’t like an awesome Freebie deal now and then to add some spark and magical happiness to your day!

During this new and exciting journey I now find myself in the middle of, I really gravitated toward whatever deals could be beneficial to us and what would work best for us! There are so many glorious baby items out there and as a parent and single parent, it’s just almost impossible to get your hands on all of them!

…Which is why I thought to create this post and spread the word and love on some awesomeness…

So here are the deals I managed to get my hands on:

  1. A FREE Baby Bag from Dischem, with so many awesome little baby essentials in it.
All you have to do to qualify for one of these is the following:
  • Register your pregnancy at Customer Service desk
  • Earn 975 (now 1275) benefit points or more (or simply Spend R950 R1250 or more) using your Dischem card  – this can be earned on any items within the store ( I mainly purchased my toiletry essentials over a period of 6 months, which eventually earned me all the points I needed)
  • Once you’ve done this, notify them
  • The bag will be ready for collection once you hit third trimester (28 weeks). You will be contacted by the last store you purchased at. You may need to present your ID for collection.

And there you have it! Check out all the amazing goodies you receive ⤵️



2. Another great Freebie was sample products from Bennetts for babies – South Africa all you have to do is email them to request the sample products and within 3 weeks or so, you’ll receive them delivered to your home- easy peasy! This is a great way to save some money, just in case your baby has any reactions to any products. Bennetts products are actually really great as they are not fragranced and super mild on baby’s newborn sensitive skin!


3. I also received free product samples from the oh so wonderful Mustela range. All I did was ask for the Mustela Promoter at DISCHEM and she sourced out quite a few samples for me to try. (Reminder to check the expiry date of all products and sample products). Alternatively you can contact Mustela-SA and request samples. They will then organize for it to be delivered to your nearest Pharmacy Store.

The products itself are pretty expensive to buy and I really wanted to try them out as they have organic elements to it and I’ve seen and read so many great reviews on them. I would, however, probably only go with this range for specific skin irritations, but that’s just me.


4. You can now also receive a Free pack of Nappies from Dischem when you buy 10 packs. Don’t forget to register for their VIB Programme and swipe with every purchase.

5.Entering Baby competitions also really helped a lot! I received Baby’s first pair of walking shoes from Footsies and Tootsies to the value of R250 as well as a beautiful Panda bedding cover set from XoxoBaby to the value of R675, which really helped me save a lot!




6. Lastly, The Annual MAMA MAGIC Baby Expo was actually something new I discovered in 2018! I was super excited about the event, however could not attend due to the fact that I had been working 6 hours away from my home town. Thankfully, my amazing family could go on my behalf and it was such a vibe! I was even video called in to get a taste of all the action! It’s a great place to find really awesome deals, but seriously important to know what you need or you’ll be swayed and overwhelmed by all the amazing products available on sale!


I’ll be updating this post as I discover more great deals and Freebies. Comment below which is your fav or if you know of any other awesome deals 🙂


I’d like to acknowledge You, Baby and I – who has always been willing to help out with product advice when contacted – which was just amazing especially for a new single mama. I also discovered a few of these Great FREEBIES from her awesome website.

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