S.T.O.P and take your moment


It’s been a while since I’ve visited my own blog…since I’ve taken the time to just sit and write…a while since I’ve heard my own thoughts! I found myself constantly caught in some web of going from one thing to the next without taking any time to really S.T.O.P, breathe and take care of the basics.

In a world that’s so full of the doing, the hustle, the social, it’s so easy to get caught up in what’s trending, one thing leads to another and before we know it, we often forget to take time to authentically grow who we are and what we’re about.


Take time to be [S]till. 

Turn off the music, the WIFI, the busyness of life, just for one moment and hear yourself breathe. I find the best time for me to do this is at night when mommy duties can pause until the next nighttime wake-up call from my boy.

Hear your [T]houghts. 

Scary? Yip, sometimes it’s just easier to let the busyness distract us! BUT, if we do not grow through some of the hard thoughts we may subconsciously be harbouring, we’ll remain in the same pattern of  doing and getting the same results. We can only climb higher heights, dream a little bigger and become a little bolder, braver, stronger when we start to overcome some of the hardest parts of who we are.

Reflecting and facing growth can get overwhelming though, so start small if you have to and aim for consistency.


[O]pt out ONE negative/ unproductive thinking pattern:

“I’m fat” / “These stretch marks are the frikkin worst”

“I’m not worth the effort”

“I hope I didn’t say the wrong thing!”



[P]ause and ask yourself, ‘Why do I think this?’

Is it connected to something in my past, is that memory important or the person who made me feel this way important. Then replace that one default thinking pattern you’ve chosen with something brave, daring, outside of your comfort zone.

“I am perfectly and wonderfully made in this body of mine, created by a God who thoughtfully designed the entire world! There’s so many people out there rocking it in the comfort of their bodies – all shapes and sizes, why shouldn’t I!”

“Not a single person on this planet can define who I am, I define who I want to be and my God defines me!”

“People will judge us whether we say what they want to hear or whether we don’t! It’s far more valuable to be who truly are than to suck up to the unreasonable expectations and ideas we create in our own minds of others. Really though, there’s far more freedom in this. So here we go…my tribe will gravitate toward me for who I am. “.



And there you have it…These are the kinds of habits we need to make the time for…and then to keep being persistent in changing those unproductive default mindsets. The only way to really recognize these, is to take the time to S.T.O.P. and fill your cup. We cannot give what we do not have. Self-care is important and sometimes it’s about taking the time to change the habitual everyday doing.

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